An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Never work with children or animals...

I arranged for my nephew Andrew to bring Esme up this afternoon for a dad and daughter photo shoot as part of Nikki's (mum) 30th birthday gift.

They arrived in time for lunch, Esme a little bit grumpy having just woken up, but soon cheered up when lunch was produced.  A girl after my own heart!  :-))

Lunch over we took advantage of the dry weather and popped into the side garden to try and get some shots.  It was a bit bright but Esme was a star.  It was her dad who kept getting told off.  Honestly!  Nearly every shot, eyes closed or he'd be distracted getting Emily to pose so she looked lovely but his face was contorted!  

We decided the lavender bed would be a lovely backdrop but it was only when they sat down beside it we realised it was full of bees going about their business so we quickly moved.  Esme getting stung was not in my plan.

Back indoors we took some pot luck shots in the garden room.  Basically we left Esme to her own devices and I snapped away.  Very hit and miss but there are a few I think her mum will like.  

We then went to the piano, just to let her have a play, and I took some photos there.  Technically they are pretty rubbish (overblown highlights as shooting into the light) but my subjects are lovely, so with some careful cropping I'm hoping they will pass muster.  Certainly won't win any competitions but will make Nikki happy and that's my aim.

Back to the garden room and after being a bit wary of Lola when she first arrived, they soon made friends.  It's so lovely to see them together.  Lola is so inquisitive but so patient and gentle with Esme.  Esme was hilarious as she watched David telling Lola to sit.  She then proceeded to point her finger at Lola and shout "it!"  So funny :-)

All too soon it was 4pm and time for them to head home.  Esme is such a little character.  I can't believe she will be one next month!  What a fast year.  Nikki has asked me to photograph a cake smash with Esme.  A first for me and hope I can do it justice.  I've been told a cheap shower curtain under cake and surrounding floor is a good idea, then all the crumbs can be easily gathered up and binned.  David says he's happy to bury his face in a Victoria sponge if I feel I need to practice before the official shoot!  lol

Once all the photos are edited I will put them on a memory stick to give to Nikki but will print some off so she has them to look at on her birthday.  I have no ideas which ones she will chose (if any!) to frame.  People never chose the ones I think they will.  I chose to blip that one because they are both looking at the camera and I like the fact Andrew is slightly blurred and Esme is the focus.  A metaphor for parenthood I think.  There are a couple of others in the extras because they made me smile.

In other news, my boy is home from his holiday.  Oh my goodness what a fine time has been had!  You can see his reaction in extras when I asked him if he'd had a good time and if he wanted to go on more holidays without his mum and dad.  A resounding yes!!!  I think we've been dumped! :-)))

I have spent the evening working on a second photobook, this one of this holiday.  Unfortunately neither this photobook or the Kielder one I finished last night will be here on time for his birthday.  Oh well.  He doesn't know he's getting them so it will be a belated surprise.

Today has gone by in a blink.  It's now 1.30am I am just getting round to blipping!  Must try harder.

PS  Seems like only two minutes since I did the "bump" photoshoot, yet it was a year past on the 8th of this month!  Yip!  This has definitely been a fast year! 

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