Keith B

By keibr

Learning to make music.

In the old church at Murberget, Karin leaves a zithers and a harp at the front, with a note saying “Play me”. Quite a lot of visitors play a chord or two and being fairly simple instruments it always sounds good.  The man in my blip actually knew how to play and his son was very enthusiastic about joining in so he adapted his music to give room for the boy to strum along and to clap the chorus. That’s how to produce the next generation of musicians!
The day was cool and damp with rain in the air. This is very tricky summer weather where you need lots of clothes to stay warm and dry, but then you are on the edge of being too warm. In the evening we lit the stove to drive away the dampness this weather brings - it worked and we didn't get too hot either.
It was a day with lots of happening and photos. My other pictures from Murberget and today can be found on one of my flickr albums.
Both Jan and Kjell blipped from Murberget too.

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