By Majoayee

A watercolour masterpiece!!!!!

Digital group today and we tried what looked like a very quick simple tutorial!!   Turned out the photo used in the first place has to be chosen with care!  So I ended up with a photo of Little Missy taken in February!!  I found the watercolour texture on line but altered it to suit!

This morning we went to our local garden center.  While we were there the heavens opened and it poured down.  We had to wait to go and see the herbs!  Fortunately it didn't last long.

 Bought 4 small white cyclamen,  2 large rich yellow Coreopsis and a couple of fennel to put in the planters by the front door.  Hope they do ok.  The sun is there first thing in the morning but not later!

The gardener came and the root is out!  

The flight is now over Saskatchewan!  Due to land in a few hours!  That's a very long flight - 11 hours.  I hope the girls sleep at least part of the time!!

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