By ArcLight

Daft straplines

Mr A and I do like a daft and meaningless strapline. My blip presented itself on Chambers Street as I parked my bike, as this van drew up beside me. I could not resist.

Today was spent tidying stuff up in preparation for sending off some chapters to colleagues tomorrow (although latterly I decided I needed to write a couple of sentences on Windrush in one chapter and a few more sentences about indigenous peoples in Costa Rica in another). In fact, the issue about Costa Rica and indigenous peoples proved to be a very interesting question, which I came across by chance because I'm subscribed to a google news alert about citizenship, and some news about Costa Rica came through the other day. Following it up, including going down the plughole of reading a lot of stuff on the ILO website (International Labour Organisation) proved to be very useful and entirely to the point of the book. Oh, and google translate can be very useful indeed, especially since it seems to be pretty good with legal Spanish.

Home via Tribe to thrash myself. I don't like doing exercise too late in the day, but there wasn't a chance this morning, so needs must....

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