By JohnW

Double Wide

After gate-crashing WidWed yesterday I was stuck for a proper entry today.  As it’s been raining stair-rods since mid morning the opportunity to get out and find something (at least the willingness) has been zero, so what gives enjoyment around this household?
Let’s face it, Mrs W’s Lego must come very high up the list, and she started this ‘Lego Steampunk Walking Ship’  project well way before I bought her the ‘Luna Lander’ for her burpday.
The ‘Lego Steampunk Walking Ship’  is based on Theo Janson’s ‘Strandbeest’  She is putting together her version together made from what parts she already has got – BUT!  The postman keeps dropping strange padded envelopes through our door.
The top of the image is the model standing up, waiting for a platform to take the motors and some other structures still in design.  She keeps having to wait for the postman . . .
The top image was going to be my blip, and I had taken the shot(s) very close too to get some distortion to make it a bit more interesting (which then needed a bit of focus stacking). I was putting the construction away, and it currently lives on its back.  This gave me the idea of taking another wide shot of it with its legs in the air.
Hence we have a repeat performance of yesterday’s blip, but not so quite panoramic, and no ghosts (that I have spotted anyway!).
Many thanks to BobsBlips for hosting WidWed – at least this is the right day . . .
(Photography Group meeting tonight – will catch up again on commenting shortly.)

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