By dfb24

Mirror image

I have a picture of our daughter when she was probably about 2, sitting on the motorcycle that Tom had back then. Today Tom had taken his current bike out into the driveway to wash it, and I thought it would be fun to take a similar picture of Mae sitting on this one, but she wasn't the least interested in it--didn't want to go near it, let alone sit on it. Shortly thereafter my brother-in-law arrived, having brought us all lunch, which was so nice of him! After we sat outside and ate it, he coaxed Mae over to the bike, telling her how he used to have the exact same one and he and grandpa used to ride them together. Next thing I knew, she was sitting on it and asking him what everything was. She was engrossed with the dials, mirrors & handlebars, and I liked this one I took of her disembodied head reflected in the mirror. :))

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