But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

They’ve Stolen Our Hedge!

Mrs TD had a pep talk at The Drum, Riding for the Disabled this morning; the schools are due back in a few weeks time and the bulk of The Drum’s clientele is made up of children from special needs schools. As we left home we saw that workmen were starting on the second field of housing development though, why they should begin by grubbing up an ancient hedgerow is beyond me – it is probably also illegal. The tractor is working some sort of machinery which is gobbling up the hedge to destroy all evidence that it ever existed.
By knocking-off time, see extra, all trace of it had completely disappeared (about 300 metres of it). I wonder if there is someone to whom I should be making representation. Complaints about it have just appeared on the Roslin village Facebook page, but we need a bit more clout than that.
I have just posted "Emojis." from the 1st August.

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