Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Surveying the Tay

An early (or what counts as early these days) start for me today. In fact it was early because I couldn't sleep after 03:00 but the train to Dundee wasn't till 08:00. So early in one way but actually leaving the house wasn't too painful. I was scheduled for a day's work but it concluded at lunchtime. This herring gull was keeping watch from one of the fancy new streetlights along the River Tay walkway. We have them in Stirling too and I think they give a more sympathetic light that the old orange ones.

A bit of a mixed day. It's lovely bright weather so I'm heading home to the garden. The desktop pc is still in for repair which is a pest. Otter isn't very well I'm sorry to say :-(. And I didn't go to yoga last night which I'm not sure was the right decision but I might see if the chiropractor will fit me in. I don't mind chiropractic treatment but I can't abide the crunching.

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