Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

The story

Today I have a story for you.

This morning I went to St Cross, maybe to take pictures in the garden, maybe in the water meadows on the way home.  Having spent time soaking up the peace and enjoying the sunshine, I was about to leave when I suddenly decided to have a quick look at The Bretherens' Hall.  In it's porch there was a high step ladder with a notice on it, which read:

A swallow's nest build in this porch failed and part of the nest and 4 baby Swallows fell to the ground.  Fortunately, one of the Brothers noticed  as soon as it happened and we relocated the babies into a box mounted above the ladder.  The parents continued to feed their young in their new home.
We are pleased and proud to report that all four young have fledged and are probably sitting on the light above this sign as you read this; they are still being fed by their parents but it probably won't be too long before they set off for Africa!

I looked up.

Enjoy your evening, lovely blippers  xx

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