By kwchas

Current Book 19

Those of you who follow my book reading blips will know that I bought around 30 books when we went to Hay on Wye about 3 weeks ago. This wasn't one of them.

I bought this for my mum a few months ago because she had recently read a Hunter Davies book and enjoyed it. The only trouble is that because it was a spontaneous purchase I ended up getting the same one because I hadn't made a note of the title and relied on the cover picture which proved to be different. I therefore kept it for myself.

I have always enjoyed Hunter Davies' books and I bought one in Hay about people who had been born in 1900 that was published in 1997. Having just finished that I thought it would be a neat idea to move on to this one next.

This was taken in Sainsbury's coffee shop in between driving jobs.

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