Dino Day

Kat and I had been looking forward to today for quite a while, a dinosaur fun day at Quorn and Woodhouse Station on the Great Central Railway.

Grandad drove us, as I'm still not feeling up to par, but getting better daily.

Tiny the Triceratops was brought out to play along with baby tyrannosauruses, a spinosaurus, an ankylosaurus and a hadrosaurus. After the main show, the handlers went round asking us if we'd like to feed the baby dinosaurs. The trick is to keep your hand flat. The ankylosaurus made up to Basil who thought he might be greeting another dog and then realised he wasn't. You should have seen his look of disgust.

Spiny the spinosaurus came to greet William who was not happy about it. See extra. Tables were laid out in the marquee for building blocks, a wooden train set, colouring and a staged area with baby dinos emerging from their eggs. I expect they had to use that yesterday with all the rain.

To be  honest, William was more interested in the trains coming through the station, but we all had a thoroughly good day. The sun came out, thank goodness. 

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