Bits and Bobs!

By Kate64

Bus Challenge No 170!


Swanning about!

Caen Hill, nr Devizes, Wiltshire

“The Kennet & Avon Canal has awesome examples of canal engineering. The 16 locks that form the steepest part of the flight at Caen Hill are not only a scheduled ancient monument, they are an Olympic sized challenge every boater must do... Caen Hill (pronounced ‘cane’ by the way), is one of the longest continuous flight of locks in the country - a total of 29 locks with a rise of 237 feet over 2 miles with a 1 in 44 gradient for anyone who's counting!”

A windy day, and not the warmest or brightest of days, but the forecast was dry so time for a Bus Challenge! A bus into Bath then a second bus east into Wiltshire and to Caen Hill, where my BC friend and I walked a two mile stretch of the Kennet & Avon Canal, watching the boats travelling up and down the hill (it takes 5-6 hours to travel from bottom to top!) and stopping at the Canal Trust cafe for an ice cream, before walking on to Devizes where we picnicked by the canal, picked up some bargain Lardy Cakes at the market, and caught the bus home.

Total bus journey time = 2 hr 45 mins
Total waiting between buses time = 33 mins
Total journey time = 3 hr 18 mins

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