By Cumbrialass


Sunny but very blustery and it must have been very windy overnight because there were lots of broken branches down on our walk in the woods today.
Dashed up to our friends house to check up on their garden ( they're  away 3 weeks) apart from a few wall pots which seem to get dry very quickly there wasn't much to water, we might not have to go up as often as we had to last summer.
Then Tesco food shop and home.
Mike discovered some  microscopic tadpole like creatures in a tray of water in the greenhouse.. asked a quick question on the Gardener's group on Facebook and was told they are mosquito larvae!!... aagh.
The weather forecast is bad for tomorrow but this evening there's not a breath of wind..very peaceful. Would be nice to think the rain will miss us. 
My photo is for Wildflower week. A favourite, the honeysuckle, it grows in our woods, long hanging tendrils hanging from the branches and such a sweet scent.

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