Vahonkoski #2

Vahonkoski rapids from the bridge above. Unlike three years ago, very little water flowing there now.

We were on the way to visit Triinu's work mate who has a "summer job" near Seitseminen National Park to oversee the Finnish forest reindeer herd which is living inside a fence there. They are ranched to be released to the wild later to expand their range. Unlike the elk and the white-tailed deer, or its northern closer relative, the domesticated mountain reindeer, the Finnish forest reindeer is a relatively rare animal. We walked around the fence (1.3 km, it's a 14-hectare area) and saw a couple of glimpses of the animals, but got no photos.

The extra is of the cabin she lives in. Author Kalle Päätalo has lived here while he had a job building a larger cabin nearby. One of his novels is about that time.

Finally finished the sewage project. Got the floor closed and most the stuff cleaned away, and also cleaned the dryer and did a test start. Some more preparations before harvest can begin, but it's close.

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