... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Nibbling the Ring

More subversively obeisant in large.
Funny nēnēs
Foliage-framed demoiselle crane
Emperor geese: shapes, preening, Pilates, twisting, shaking

So this is what happens when kissing the godfather's godmother's ring goes awry? This emperor goose couldn't resist a nibble, presumably because emperors don't submit but rule!
My mother and I had been planning to go to Kew Gardens to see the Chihuly glass artworks but the forecast rain deterred us, so we poked around the Wetland Centre before the rain got too bad... We mostly mooched with the nēnēs and emperor geese: the emperors's nibbling fixation was mostly directed towards the Fatsia japonica today, although this one took a liking to my mother's engagement ring, and the nēnēs were being uncharacteristically friendly when they tried to join a family resting on a bench.

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