By hpx


Today was a short one for me as I had time to use up. For part of the time I was at work I spent a happy couple of hours away from the computer.

Together with my colleague we played with paper, pens, pencils, and glue. We're creating a low-fidelity wire frame to show the concept of what we'll build on the computer. It's creative and enjoyable :-)

On the way home I visited Musgroves. They've been around forever and sell all sorts of stuff recycled from demolished buildings. I was after some native rimu timber for a project.

Lunch with a friend with both hands/wrists in casts, a trip to physio and the gym rounded out my day. The good thing is that the physio doesn't think I'm irreparably broken.

Today's gratitude: For hearing my friend's story. She's had a rough time and she's on the mend.

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