Painted Lady

BB and I headed into Edinburgh, for we had the dentist.  The dentist kept us waiting for around 20 minutes, then we were in and out win a flash.  I guess that’s called making up time.  He found no problems with our teeth which is good, I just hope he had a good look.  Next on our agenda was school shoe shopping, but we stopped in the bookshop for a look before BB and I haggled over shoes/trainers.  My wallet was very much lighter following that transaction.  We wandered then headed down Inverleith way to check something out for next week, then took ourselves for a  wander through the Botanics.  By this time BB was tired (his legs were tired from last night’s football) and hungry.

Pizza was his lunch choice, it’s always his choice!  He ate his own and wanted some of mine.  We then wandered around Stockbridge and back up into town, picking a few things up on the way to get the train home.

TT appeared home earlier than usual and made a start with the annual hedge cutting.  We have two very high beech hedges.  He tackled the one at the front and even managed to get BB to help tidy up.

The painted ladies were making the most of the herbaceous border at the Botanics.

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