Imber - a "ghost" village on Salisbury Plain

The Uninhabited Village of Imber, Salisbury Plain.

"The village was evacuated in November 1943 to facilitate training of American troops for the D-Day landings. The village has remained in military occupation ever since." 

The village is open to the public a couple of times a year and we have been before in Jan 2015.

Today, access could be gained by catching one of 20 Vintage London buses that were operating from stops outside the military area. We, however, took the car.

Last time we went, we could access most of the empty buildings but all buildings were closed today (apart from the church). Imber was heaving with people so I expect that is why the buildings were closed.

What I loved most, was access to the vast, uninhabited Salisbury Plain. It is beautiful. Imber was chosen because of its remoteness. It is almost totally gone but old photos show what it once was. 


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