Hetty and I were out early for our walk. She was hyper! 

When we got home I photographed my garden chandelier while the sun is out! It is an indoor one really. I've just taken the wiring out. Then I did some gardening.

I've been inspired by an item on gardener world; a man spent 14 years turning a field, next to his house, into the most fabulous garden!

I've a vast area of "garden" that we do not venture into and am thinking of tackling it. If I do, it would connect with the newly created woodland area at the bottom of the railway cutting. 

I'm 60 next year. Mum was diagnosed with alzheimer's at 75 and dead by 79. We all know how time flies as you get older. The next 10 years may be the last decade that I have my marbles. I'm considering retirement and the extra garden will keep me busy. The old man is a few years younger than me and earns more money just taking a call than I do in a day.

I go back to work tomorrow after 5 months off!

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