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Results of Silhouette Community Challenge

Thanks for some great submissions to that challenge! Again, you had me earn my keep to come up with selections! :)
The beach and water seemed to be favorites for capturing distinct silhouettes: boats and people on a beach, a small kid walking past palm trees, an elegant sculler, the distant shapes of trees against a mountain background with a surfer in the foreground, a very zen picture of looking onto the water, a celebration of life yet to beaquagolf (yes, there is such a thing!), an undercliff evening strollman’s best friend on the beach, trees against the sunset, a scattering of people at the beach, a skateboarder, and kids at the end of a pier. 
There were several good submissions about nature: a flower in the spotlight, bird and bee, a minimalist take on leafy branches, a butterfly, a bird poised at a red light (there’s a story there!), a hummingbird moth, the neighborhood watchdogbirds on a wire like notes on a song sheet, and a dragonfly resting on a branch.
As described in the challenge, silhouettes often leave a lot to imagination and several submissions conveyed that sense of questioning:  the otherworldly light at the end of the tunnel, a cloudy sky and a wave-y beach, the passage of time through multiple exposures, machine p(l)ower and workhorses,  a troll keeping watch, are they for real?, the mechanics of life, a fiery celebration, a mysterious set up overlooking the sea, the intersection of our wired life,  a view through the looking glass, and a disconcerting image of a person against an ominous sky
And finally, here are some personal favorites – in no particular order:
People on a pier– each his/her own very distinct story; 
A woman painting a wall
Bicyclists– with a great sense of movement; 
Not to be outdone by walkers– nicely separated and framed between cranes; 
Beautifully backlit shapes of buildings and a bird in flight;
couple against a wonderful purple background; and,
The best hair ever, with feet in the water J
Collated by Michele (aka Alsacienne) 

Cover Photo by BS
End note: I’m grateful for and touched by your wonderful comments on the announcement of my ‘retirement’ from the post of Community Coordinator. Blipfoto really does feel like a family, doesn’t it? J

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