On Some Days

By V1k1

Our Work Is Done

Day 17 Create Depth

Yesterday was a big day for us because I have a significant birthday on Monday and it was decided Saturday would be a good day to invite people to a celebration hangi.  A hangi is a Maori way of cooking food over hot rocks under the ground.  We have been doing these for about 30 years for special occasions.  The last one was the lovely daughters hangi to celebrate her first marathon at Rotorua.  Our section here is not big enough to have a hangi fire on so we used the brother in laws property.  Yesterday it rained most of the day and today is beautiful but hey ho it is the first rainy day hangi we have had.
The blip is after the food has been put in the ground on top of the red hot rocks and covered over with wet sacks and earth.  It took three and half hours to cook.  My take on the challenge create depth is to have the remains of the fire  in the foreground, the forester in the middle ground, bit of a stretch to say that is the middle ground I know.  The background is the line of trees at the end of the vines.  The theory is this is a more three dimensional image that invites you  look through the photo.

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