Eat Grub

Today I had big problems to find a blip victim.
Finally I could persuade some Hanullis to help me. 
When they appeared at the set, I muttered frustrated: 
"Are you kidding? Don't be so childisch, it's only grub!"

It's some fancy new food the supermarket offered: 
Chrispy roasted crickets, with a taste of chilli and lime.
I'm sure, insects will be part of the nutration of the invcreasing world population, because is seems to be a good and ecological source of proteine. To produce one kilo of proteine out of insects, you need one liter of water and 1700 kilo of fooder. For comparison one kilo of proteine from beefs, you need 22000 liters of water and 10000 kilos of fooder.

And now the hard part of this bilp: The taste (what you do for blip)
It would have been easier to taste them, when they would not have been in their original shape. I rarely eat snacks with dead eyes, staring at me.
They taste like a chrispy chilly snack, not bad at all.
I should not mention the strange feeling of legs or wings sticking between the teeth....  :-))

Thank you admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

Reminder for the Tiny People Challenge TiPS:
The tag for the whole August is TiPS36. 
If you like, you can have a look here for the entries so far.
You can make as many entries as you like. I'm looking forward to many creative entries of the adventures of all sorts of tiny figures. Have fun!

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