By seizetheday

Still standing

Saturday, and we took most of the day off. A rare occasion at this time  of year!
Down to Alnwick for lunch. Grannies and the Strawberry Lounge were both full to overflowing, so we had a very good meal at the Olive Branch. The cakes looked amazing, but I managed to resist temptation, while MrM chose the Victoria sponge. 
Next, a walk on a new-to-us stretch of beach near Boulmer. Sand, sea and sun (extra) - perfect! Someone had built this splendid sand castle, but it probably didn't last very much longer, as the tide was coming in fast.
Back to Alnwick for a supermarket shop, and also bought a few late bedding plants for the 'yard.

Home again, MrM finished off something in the workshop, we had a meal, and, just after 9.00pm were contemplating going down to the local pub. Then MrM had a rather panicky phone call from the organiser of a ceilidh that he was due to play at tomorrow evening. The organiser had got the date wrong - it was supposed to be tonight, and should have started an hour ago. So MrM picked up his fiddle and drove over to Lindisfarne to play...

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