Blushing Beauty

Another mixed day today, weather-wise. I'm barrowing soil up the path and up a ramp to fill the bed behind the new wall. I'm not as fit (or as young) as I was, obviously! Every so often we have a rain shower. How annoying - I have to go inside and sit down with a cuppa! 

Anyway, in between times I was looking for a Blip, and as I passed the bathroom door I saw the sunlight - yes, I was just going back out! - catching the leaves of this aeonium on the windowsill. Photography's all about light, and here is some, even if it's not an amazing subject.

Btw, it's Aeonium holochrysum 'Blushing Beauty'. I acquired a cutting a year or so ago, and when it had rooted I potted it, and having chopped the top off, poked it in beside its mother. It rooted quickly and the cut stump grew several shoots too, so I cut those off and popped them in beside the rest, so now I have a potful and will (might) let them grow in peace!

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