Silly Saturday ....

.... Silly Blue Valley Farm Show Chick.

I had an interesting day today .....

The day started out like normal with me reading the newspapers before lunch.  Then after lunch we had plans to go the the Blue Valley Farm Show and then visit a wildflower field afterwards. 

Well .... we made it to the fair okay.  We visited the farm animal enclosures and watched some of them being auctioned off.  We were surprised when a clutch of six chickens sold for $200!! And a bull sold for $1,700! 

We stopped by the display building where all the prize winning entries are on display.  In that building was a incubator cage with these cute and silly little chicks!  I held my smartphone up to the cage so that the camera was between the wiring and took a couple of pictures ..... actually about 30!  They were so curious and kept pecking at the phone! 

This particular fair offers a book sale area and that's where we headed next.  That's when things took a downward turn for me.  We were both looking through the books as today is the last day and the price of all the books is $5 a bag full!  Then I started not feeling too well.  I won't go into too much detail as to what happened next but suffice to say we needed to leave immediately as apparently something I ate for lunch wasn't sitting well with me at all.

The 45 minute drive home was agonizing but we made it home in time. And I spent the rest of the day not far from the loo. 

But .... before all this we had released our Monarch #11 & 12 ... both females.  The monarch #12 in my extras was released in memory of lg9's Mom. xoxo

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