By daisyconnor


Left paradise around 10 and got back to the grime and noise around 2pm, so not a bad trip.

Went to Waity to get some milk and a few bits, like a bottle of wine and chocolates  

Headed to the checkout and remembered that I also needed to buy a bunch of flowers for the lovely neighbour who looks after our house when we're away.

The flowers in Waity are always kept in the foyer (as posh people will know). It's also a place where they tempt us with Summer drinks.... bottles and bottles of the stuff. 

My parking of the shopping trolley was a bit misjudged and it crashed into the display. Glass and fizzy pop....

I have a feeling that  the 'Partner' on the customer service  desk also exploded. 

Back at home now, eating the neighbours choccies and drinking her wine! 

Hope she likes the flowers!

Now then, get your lip gloss on, super tight red super suit and let's party!

More wine, vicar? 


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