By ExtraTime

Another Dogwalking Day

What did I do today? Made up three beds, replaced the toys and books we had out for a 6 and an 8 year old with others from the family collection, for a 4 year old and a baby who has just started crawling.

Went over to Born in the Borders and walked along the river to the beach and back. Raf swam, so hopefully he's got rid of the mud from yesterday's puddles. ( He didn't get hosed down yesterday, as TM said it was too wet??)  Saw a couple of ospreys, not sure if they were the resident pair or some interlopers. There are no chicks this year, so they haven't been hanging around the nest so much. It's nearly time for them to leave for Senegal.

Took a flower shot of what I thought was Himalayan Balsam. Checked in the book, and it certainly isn't. 

Messed about taking pictures of a clump of trees, trying to deliberately over-expose. That wasn't entirely successful either, but the only other shots today are of wet Raf, and we had that yesterday.

Home for lunch, reading the papers and lazing about, watching the rain come down. Percy has been very sleepy today (has he been hunting rabbits again?), and he woke up cranky  and decided to persecute Raf. He, Percy, has been banished to the kitchen and Raf is in here with us, and we realise now he really does need a bath.

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