By ExtraTime

Fringe Benefit

In Edinburgh this afternoon to see an exhibition of art quilts. I'd like to have a go and this sort of stuff, but can't quite work out where to start. There was a theme to this - Threads and Thrums, an expression which is new to me. Some interpretations were more successful than others. Plenty of food for thought.

Then I took the long hike to John Lewis to get a gift card and some little treats for Ali's birthday. It's chaotic down that end of town. Though buildings are rising from the enormous crater behind JL the scene is still dominated by huge cranes. And on the other side the entire road is dug up. Getting across Leith Street is like working your way through a maze. Please let this not be  the start of the tram extension!

In the evening we stumbled through the same labyrinth to get to the Playhouse to see Adam Kay's one-man show. We'd both read and enjoyed his book about his time as a young hospital doctor, and the reason why he gave up his medical career.  I wondered how he could possibly adapt it for the stage. Although a lot of it is very funny indeed, there are some harrowing stories, and a lot of outrage at current government policy towards the NHS. 

He brought if off  brilliantly, and hopefully raised quite a lot of money for the Lollipop Trust as well.

A quick nightcap at the Canny Man's and a last dog-walk round Craighouse, and now it's time for bed!

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