Waddesdon Woods

I have had a day in at Waddesdon Manor. I haven't been in for quite a few weeks while we have been away and busy with other things, so it was good to see familiar faces again. One of the roles I love doing is meeting and greeting our visitors at the main entrance door to the House. It's always busy, but our visitors are generally good humoured and it's a fun time where we can joke and chat. I am often paired with one particular volunteer as we enjoy working together and are an efficient team. Most volunteers don't like this intensive involvement with the public but there are roles for every preference and any volunteer can enjoy their time at Waddesdon.

As I was leaving this afternoon, I noticed the sun bursting through a gap in the foliage on the kitchen drive. Not a spectacular view, but very evocative of the moment.

A good day for John today. He is gradually building stamina again and is almost 'normal'. (No comments please Claire Smith!)

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