Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

A tiny chalet on the hill

Today's prompt: 'Perfectly aligned' is confusing and misleading. As the photographic example given was of 'harmonious composition' and how not to have conflicting elements in the frame which makes for confusing viewing.

Our weather forecast told us to expect at least two days of storms and rain from today, so yesterday, when I was out walking in the gorgeous countryside, I took some photos with today's prompt in mind.

My photo: I find that just the whole scene of greens and that gentle blue sky work so well together, but what I really like is the soft zigzag of hedges leading us to a lone tree on the hill, four tiny faraway hikers who lead us to the chalet nestled against those trees. I do like the gentle downward slope of the hill. Also, if you look at the foreground hedges and trees, we can see that where they end (two thirds across the image from the right), they also lead our eye up to the chalet! So while that little building is really small, from where I was standing. It becomes a very important element in the whole scene.

This was rather a long explanation to say why this scene really appealed to me and how it feels harmonious and not at all boring! I hope it appeals to you too!

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