By WharfedaleBex

Wharfedale's Heather Roof

I've been hoping to get up here before the flowers start to fade. I'd say they're just on the turn now but, compared to last year in the heatwave, it's a real picture.  I haven't noticed this lovely layered boulder before - it reminded me of soft layers of meringue.

And my two penn'orth for World Photography Day and what photography means to me:  

I love finding a single photo in a day that captures a good feeling I've had. That's what I love about the habit of Blipfoto.  It's amazing how looking back on that photo a few years later brings the memory, the feeling and the place back again - sometimes the whole day. It can be tough sometimes to choose between one photo and another and it's not always the best one that gets published.  For me, my journal is a logbook of memories which I'd like to be good photos but it doesn't always happen that the good memory and the best photo coincide!

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