On Some Days

By V1k1

Pawns in the Game

Day 19 Perfect Alignment

A busy and fun day.  I am now officially an OAP, old age pensioner and my Government will deposit an amount of money into my bank account every fortnight.  
The lovely daughter stayed on for today and we started the day by having blueberry pancakes so we could open the maple syrup blipper KD gave me when we visited with her back in May.  We just had one modest pancake not a stack as we had in America. (Extra) 
Lovely daughter then came to exercises in the pool with A and I.  She joined in and now knows what the aged mother can do.  After that was shopping with it being the end of winter there are sales and we both enjoyed browsing the 50% off racks.  I now have two tops and a dress which are funky and fun and not at all OAP clothing.  She needed to buy a present for her boss who is retiring at the end of this month.  He is building a home by the sea and so I thought Royce McGlashen a local potter would be the place to go.  So many choices and finally she picked a large platter with a deep blue glaze and raised edge at one end suggesting a shell.  It is a one off piece and we were served by the potter himself.  
Meanwhile the forester had been fishing with a friend.  A cold, calm morning and very productive.  Fish has been given away to the neighbours which is always a nice thing to do.
We then went for an early dinner at the Honest Lawyer seaside pub before dropping the lovely daughter at the Airport for her flight back to Christchurch.  I didn't give the challenge too much thought and went for the literal interpretation of alignment.  If you look closely you can see the lovely daughter bringing me a gin and tonic.  We didn't sit outside for long as the wind was rather nippy and inside the pub was a warming fire.  A very good birthday.   

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