Sayest thou SO Bonny lad?

I wish I'd made a note of when it entered the worm-bin. I can only be certain that it's
A) This year.
B) measurable in months, rather than days/weeks. For the record - I did, slightly, disinter/exhume it.
In the unlikely event of my getting a hint in the form of next delivery of whichever magazine it is/was I'll try to make a ref.

Retrospectively - I remember mentioning it, must check. 
Somebody I spoke to recently, and discussed wormeries with, thought it applied to commercial "Hot" composting - said they'd been up to Carlisle and "ours" is not a hot system.
Only time will tell.
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Extra - added retrospectively.
On my yesterday's "wander and point" I spotted this wee beastie; to use my phraseology, "exceeding Bed -raggled", cowering in a Romneya flower. I took it indoors and "coddled its mollies" for a long while, eventually got weary of holding my hand in one position so put it in a small, shallow, tray with some diluted honey, near the open back door.

Quite a bit later I checked and "there it was - GONE".
This a.m., whilst at the sink I spotted it, "full of the joys of spring", all fluffed up, and head-butting the window instead of exiting by the door as I expected. It's AWAY!

Next one added.

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