...the jump

i walked over to this - little marsh-like area across - from my building hoping - to catch some dragons - perhaps a damsel or 2 - i’ve seen them flying a bit - around our community garden - so i know they’ve got - a hangout somewhere - but they continue to be elusive - to me even though - i spotted several damsels - and tried my best to sweet talk them

but then i spied this dude - making his way up a reed - i snapped his progress - which got me to thinking - like photography always does - about us humans and life - here he got to the top - paused, then jumped - i wondered if he thought about - the risks involved - because we do, right? - we make our little lists - of pros and cons - weigh things out - before making the move - we tend to be cautious - for the most part - if high risk is involved - but here he was - ready to just take the leap - go for it - have faith it’d be alright

perhaps we should follow his lead - a bit more - take more risks in our lives - have a little bit more faith - that all will be well - and in the end - it’ll all lead to...


happy day.....

p.s. it’s for moments like this, i pick up my camera every day. happy world photography day!

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