By minniemouse1966

Ladies that lunch

M.came home last night from her first week of her holiday just for the night she and her friend are driving up to Manchester tonight ready to fly to Crete tomorrow so as she had to pack and get herself organised we decided to just go out for lunch we had a really lazy morning just talking about the things she did last week I washed and pegged out a few things she needed that she had worn last week we then popped to town for me to print some more photos for H.and A.'s wedding scrapbook (now have a lot of layouts organised so can get started) we looked out of the shop and it was bucketing down went for lunch we both had a burger and chips meal and then we were really naughty and had a Candymania Sundae (see the photo) it was very nice then it was back home to rescue M.'s washing ended up rinsing it again and then tumble drying it. Then it was off to the hospital to visit my dad he is now on a ward but didn't seem to good tonight think he was just tired as he didn't have a very good night sleep last night due to a very vocal patient in the ward with him also he's on very strong anti-biotics for his infection hopefully find him more himself tomorrow.

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