By suehutton

Loughborough by the Sea

William and I started the day by going for our regular walk at Kirby Muxloe Castle. I'd taken my long lens hoping to see the old heron who usually stands at the edge of the moat. Except he wasn't there today and none of the three fishermen had seen him that morning.

At Mummy Meet, we bid Goodbye to Lisa and Nathan, and Sarah and Daniel. Neither of these Mums will be coming again because Nathan and Daniel will be starting school at the end of next week. Lisa had brought all gluten free goodies which she had found on offer at Ratby Coop. Everyone enjoyed them.

After William had had his lunch, Len and I took  him to Loughborough by the Sea which has two more days to run. A pile of sand has been dumped in the market place surrounded by hay bales for Mums, and Grandmas, to sit on. They were a bit damp after the rain. As you can see, William grabbed bucket and spade. He still quite hasn't got the hang of sandcastles. When the sirens sounded at four pm we headed off to the Thomas and friends fairground ride. Len joined William in one of the carriages. Will had fun ringing the bell.

This evening I was enthralled by the Bauhaus documentary on BBC 4 featuring Dieter Rams. Read his ten timeless commandments for good design.  How could you possibly argue with these. He was responsible, with his team, for the splendid design of household appliances by Braun from the 1950s until he left the company in 1995. By his own admission, he became less than happy with the direction the company took after its founders Erwin and Artur Braun left.

It's very evident that his design of the portable radio/record player was taken up by Apple in its design of the iPod. 

He had worked for the furniture manufacturer Vitsœ  since the 1950s and joined them fully after he left Braun. No difficulty noting the resemblance of his designs to those made by IKEA, except that IKEA designs have nowhere near the excellence of Rams' designs.

I think it's worth reading up. Extras are of William and Grandad enjoying the Thomas ride, and William with a tree he hugged.

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