By Beckett


.... one of the superb things about our Holiday has been the meeting of some fellow Blip members as we travelled. 

Like for four days now we have been in company of a Blip member.
The "VERY special" fellowship, kindness, and just plain friendly courteous mate ship shown is something to stay with you for ever.

Why not be part of this wonderful "family" of like minded people.

So, we left Caerphilly, Bobs Blips territory and travelled across UK to meet up with Blipper chantler63 - had met Kathy when she was last in Australia and had always admired the Waddesdon Manor in her area. 

Being the superb person she is, says... "oh I do some volunteering there, when you come if days fit we will show you around"!! See what I mean...

Well the day fitted, with our "whirl wind trip" so arranged to meet at the Manor. What we did not know that by contact with Kathy two other Blippers were there as well - Suejay 50 and Terrifo had travelled up from there "patch" to join the fun. Also, Chris and Annie were hoping their hectic work schedule would fit, but sadly not today. Maybe in Oz one day....

Now can I say, any expectations we had of what to expect were "blown away" as Kathy guided us through the Manor - what a story and history, and what collection of history.

To check out the pics have a look on FLICKR here.

You will also note, Kathy showed how to enjoy the brilliant afternoon tea for which John (her husband) also attended, and that was superb to meet him as well.

What a day, and cannot thank Kathy John, Suejay, and Terrifo enough for their hospitality, especially when Kathy and John ask us all to join them at their home for a further chat and drink.... and thanks Kathy we will treasure your other kindness as a memory for ever.

We then found our way to our accomodation, ready for a good sleep, and head off North tomorrow.

Enjoy and have look in LARGE 
... and obviously another "belated back Blip"... nearly there in catchup from our trip, thanks so much for looking.

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