By Shutterup

Painting day

A friend came over for the day to do some plein air painting.  Luckily the sun shone for the morning and we sat happily on the beach. I decided to do as many fast line drawings of groups on the beach as they played or walked with dogs and children. Then an enourmous black cloud rounded on us so we upped sticks and headed for the harbour cafe.  It was such a treat to end up there eating the most delicious lobster and chips overlooking the lighthouse and the Bass Rock while it poured with rain!!  After lunch we headed over to the lighthouse and found a sheltered spot to paint. It was wonderfully warm in the sun once more and we had a happy time there as people passed us on their way to walk around the lighthouse point.  When we finished we threw down the pictures.. and l laughed and said we might even sell them to a passer by!!  We started packing up and a girl who was passing with her daughter complimented me on my painting.. said she really loved it.  She carried on and her husband then stopped and said he thought it was marvellous.. did l exhibit and sell.  I said l did and he said his wife also painted in watercolours but not as well as l did.  I thanked him and he walked on.  Two seconds later the wife returned..did l have a website? I don't l replied.. oh she said.. that is a shame. .. l really like your painting... She didnt buy it.. but it was close!!!  It was such a lovely interaction and left me feeling so happy but think l really should get a website organised... somehow. I have no idea how to! Any suggestions or advice?  I am unsure about how you protect your paintings when putting them up online.. so that they are not printable etc.. anyone any advice?

Extras today ... lobster lunch, glowing Bass rock in a rainstorm from the Harbour Cafe shack/cabin, and the throw down painting!

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