Rodents rule

By squirk

Calm before the storm

My lunchtime companion by the Regents Canal was a seven-spotted ladybird. 

When it came to heading home from the office, the heavens opened. It was an absolute deluge so I decided to wait it out for a bit. One of the salespeople wondered if the apocalypse had begun. It's not often it rains so hard in London. After half an hour, I deemed it safe to risk leaving the building. I checked the trains and they were all delayed. Fred texted to say there'd been a massive power cut and many traffic lights were out. Weighing up all options, I put all my bets on the express bus home. It got me to West Norwood from central London in 34 minutes. I made a wise choice. I feel for all the folk trying to commute home out of London. 

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