Rodents rule

By squirk


A steady, busy day. I had a spontaneous thought that I would try and book travel to Inverness by train.

The only viable option were seats on the sleeper there and back. I do need sleep, though, and with the recent sleeper reports... and it’s the old rolling stock (arguably more reliable than the new)... but it’s perfect timewise to get to the city without flying. By the time I’d reached the office, Fred had managed to dissuade me. It would be lovely to see him up there, but the journey isn’t worth it. He’ll survive without me. My mum’s there for cups of tea.

So it’s just me and Juno. I think the cat was in all day because of the rain. While I ate my tea, he stared (legs crossed) out the cat flap. Later, when I was falling asleep, he leapt on the bed completely soaked, miaowing loudly in complaint.

The water butt Fred and I installed last Saturday is almost full! It’s a large beast, too.

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