One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

These moments

Harder to come by. 
Harder to capture. 

That's why I am so chuffed when I bag one. 

A good day today. Day two of Mrs Raheny's venturing back into the world of (almost) full-time employment. Today was apparently a little less daunting than yesterday (a lot more first aid, a lot less computers and logins and portals). 

I cycled down to the Forty Foot with the rest of the Zizi Club while Mimi was hanging out with friends (all staring at their smart phone in each other's company is my guess). 
We cycled back up in the rain. Took Luca down for a hair cut he has been begging for since before Spain. It was worth the wait, if only for the Chinese pop background music. 

Then in the evening into town to drop Luca at the Peacock Theatre. There was a few seats left, so I got one for myself but stayed well away from him and the rest of his group (one guy and the drama teacher - it still qualifies as a group) and the good thing is that we could have an in-depth debrief afterwards and we agreed on most of the sharing of notes. 
Then a walk back from the Dart station and more chat around theatre, and history, and dictatorships, and Cromwell, and German Shepherds. 

Now doing my blips while drinking a chilled beer. 

As already mentioned, a good day. 

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