One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

The pain and expense of moving

Carlos is in the slow and painful process of moving places. So I offered to give him a hand, for that's what friends are for. 
The rules are simple: bin bags for the stuff to throw away, boxes for the stuff to keep. He got confused at "bin bags". 
Anyway, today I took his bin bags - or was it boxes? - of old stuff to the recycling centre. 
The recycling started in the boot of my car, when Mimi found several books that she is definitely going to read, I found several others that I will definitely reread, and the box set of the Curb Your Enthusiasm series (all seven seasons), and the Bridge, and the Killing. 

But the really really expensive part of the big clear for Carlos is the other stuff that went into the skip. 

He totally underestimates the price tag of blackmail. For that's what friends are also for...

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