One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Sunlight starvation

In the last week, I think that we may have been able to see the sky for no more than two hours. And I got a glimpse of the sun for 8 minutes yesterday. 
Other than that, it has been a continuous dense grey wet cloud parked between 8 and 25 meters above our heads. It was here, it followed us to West Cork, it came back with us. 
The shaggin thing has fallen in love with us. 

Reasonably quiet day at work today (couldn't remember what it feels like) and I even got a chance to have a wee natter with Her Ladyship. It was but the first leg of the conversation (a pesky meeting I had to go to got in the way). We'll WhatsApp the return leg very soon. 
Still, we had a chance to marvel at how wonderful Pensioner's bride looked, and how... erm... special his shirt was. Without forgetting the braces. 

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