By flavia13

I'M POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN..................

............ooops sorry wrong Sweet Pea??!!!  Hee hee, sorry I couldn't resist.

A nice quiet day today.  Family History research.  Hubby went down to Kents Bank to paint the shed down there (he belongs to the Friends of Kents Bank).  A group of them try to keep the station nice and tidy, although Network Rail aren't always helpful!!!

Uploaded by Week 3 entry for the EDPS Camera Club - #30 Days of Composition.  They have a subject each day and if you want to have a theme you can.  After the first few days I decided to go for a weekly theme and Week was black and White combind with some Street photography - just to make it even more of a challenge for me.  No pressures though, just a lot of learning and having some with what you've learned.  Getting inspiration as well and learning from fellow students.

Sunny but cool morning, a few spots this afternoon, so far. 

Now to get back to family history.  I really do need to knuckle down and get rid of a lot of my RAW files that aren't necessary though and do some revision on photography - oh decisions, decisions.  I've decided, too late in the day for studying so family  history it is - hee hee.

Hope you are all well.  Thank you again for stopping by, hope my rambles aren't too boring.

See you all tomorrow.

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