A day in the life

By Shelling

Late summer

We've seen rolls of straw or hay earlier in my blips but I think they, and this landscape is so typical of this time of year. Newly harvested fields with their beautiful colors, stillness in the air, blue skies with a nice temperature, not too warm, not too cold, "Lagom" as we say here. At the horizon (over the mainland) there are some clouds that can suddenly burst in a short shower, as you can see one of them just did. Clouds like that often fail to cross the water between the mainland and Öland, hence the dry climate here on the island.

I went to see a doctor today about my red, swollen eyes. I've had problems since early spring on and off but during the last two, three weeks it has been worse. I've never had any problems with allergies before in my life but the doctor seems to think I have developed some kind of grass allergy so I've had prescriptions for some medicine and eye drops to try for a while. Of course I hope it helps but it's a real drag to have to think about allergic reactions and medicin late in life. 
Maybe I'm not Superman after all?

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