Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Doe A Deer...

... a female deer!

This is our own personal doe. Which is to say, she hangs out near the house a lot. I love her. The sad thing is that I think she's the doe who hid her fawn near our vegetable garden in May and although I saw her with a fawn a few weeks ago, lately she's been alone. So I fear the fawn came to a sad end. On the plus side, she's been in the company of that handsome buck recently, so she'll likely have another fawn next spring.

She was on the driveway when we started out on our walk this morning and stepped a few feet away to watch us walk by. She really is far less afraid of us - even with our dogs on leashes with us - than most of the deer.

I'm going out with the Ladies for our monthly dinner tonight - so I'll check back in later. Or tomorrow.

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