Flying High

I wandered down to one of the fields nearby being cut for hay as there are often Red Kites hovering waiting for an opportunity for dinner. Today there were a few flying but they were very high in the sky. This was the only opportunity I got and it was still too far away for my lens. Reasonably good focus, all things considered, but not good enough.
(I now know this is not a kite, it's a Buzzard!!!! Thank you Technophobe))

Having been all set for a trip to photograph harvest mice, I now find I had actually booked for tomorrow not Friday. We could sprint down to Dorset and get there in time if we left really early. However, largely on the advice of the chap who runs the outfit, Dean, we have decided to postpone until the end of October when he says the photographic opportunities will be much better. Dean was very understanding and didn't mind at all at my cock-up.

We're still going down to the New Forest though and will have two or three nights away at a gentler pace - maybe.

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