By amandoAlentejo

The Feast Begins

Organised a dinner with the Bible study group, plus the prayer course folk. Had always thought we'd have it at ours, but Delfina offered her country place, which is far more convenient for people to get to. It's weird not being the hostess as I almost always was in Brazil, but realizing it's actually better this way, folk like to get involved.

The idea was that everyone brought one dish. Well, being typical Alentejanos, that obviously meant, one main dish plus a few starters and a salad, and a dessert and a loaf of bread and a box of wine or a crate of beer... The first few had arrived here and the table was already full, just with starters.

We sat under the stars and talked and laughed and told jokes (which we mostly didn't get) and just were friends together, including us two pilgrims, as one lady described us.

- this community that has accepted us
- two sisters-in-law sitting together who, before this course, hadn't talked to each other for years
- Delfina and Andrelino's generous hospitality 

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