By sebrose

Sad and powerless

Everything that happened today was eclipsed by BA’s treatment of Angus. He arrived, as requested, for his orientation day only to be told there was “a problem with your references” and HR had told Glasgow that he should not be employed.

Angus called me. I can’t describe how I felt. No explanation. No emails. No phone messages. Wait for him to cut his holiday short, attend his first day, and then tell him.

He emailed the people at HR that he has addresses for (they don’t give out phone numbers). They didn’t reply - not even an acknowledgement. The Glasgow office say that they can’t get HR to answer their calls either.

By the end of the day, no further forward. It doesn’t look like Claire and I will be going to the Welcome Evening tomorrow night.

I’m sad and angry. Angus is resilient, but he should not be treated like this. No one should be.

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