By sebrose

Angus returns

The day starts with a phone call from my mother. Has a bargain box of wine arrived for me? Er, no. I drive down the track and find that Yodel, once again, have left the delivery at the bins!

It’s another webinar day - one for EU, then another for US. The last one wraps up at 8. I load Angus’ bike into the car and head for Glasgow.

Megan’s just wrapping up a meeting in the city centre. We meet on Sauciehall Street and head to the Flying Duck for a frankly bizarre meal of vegan imitation meat. She has a quarter pounder, while I get a doner kebab, both with chips. Tasty, though.

Eventually it’s time to go to the airport to collect Angus. Exactly two years ago, I was here meeting Megan on her return from Durban. Doesn’t time fly.

Angus arrives looking tanned( or dirty) and happy. His bag contains most of my camping equipment and two litres of homemade palinka.

I head home. I’ve got work tomorrow, he has an orientation day with BA, and it’s 1am.

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